ClsFileCreator (v4)

A tool to create a class label (CLS) file.

Author: Marc-Danie Nazaire(Broad Institute), Thorin Tabor (Broad Institute & UCSD)


Algorithm Version:


The ClsFileCreator is a wizard-based tool that can be used to create class label (CLS) files from array data in the GCT file formats.  The CLS file format defines phenotype (class or template) labels and associates each sample in the expression data with a label.


When you launch the ClsFileCreator module from GenePattern, you will see a series of screens that allow you to specify class labels and samples to which they will be applied. 

On the final step, you will have the option to either save the CLS file back to a directory in the Files Tab in GenePattern or to view or download the CLS (depending on the browser settings the file will either be downloaded automatically or opened in a new window or tab).


Name Description
input file *

A dataset - .gct 

Note: this module does not accept RES files

* - required

Input Files

  1. input.file
    A GCT file

Output Files

  1. A CLS file

Platform Dependencies

Task Type:

CPU Type:

Operating System:

HTML, JQuery

Version Comments

Version Release Date Description
4 Release of JavaScript version
3 2012-06-12 Updated to improve compatibility with Java 7 security updates
2 2012-06-12 Fixed so that spaces are only searched for in the file name
1 2011-06-14