GenePattern 2.0.0 Release Notes

Released December 1, 2005

New in release 2.0

  • Integrated Pipeline and Graphical Environment. You can now create, view and edit pipelines all directly in the easy-to-use Java Client.
  • Automatic Pipeline Creation. In addition to building a pipeline step by step, you can now select a result file and automatically create the analysis pipeline that produced that file.
  • Module Suites. Suites are groups of modules that can be installed, edited, exported, and viewed as a unit. For example, the Clustering suite contains all GenePattern modules that perform clustering, and the Proteomics suite contains all proteomic-related modules. In installing (or exporting) a suite, you install (or export) all of the modules in that suite. The Java and Web clients provide a filter-by-suite capability, allowing you to view only those modules in the suites you are interested in.
  • Web Client redesign. The layout of the Web Client has been improved to make more frequent operations easier and to give easier access to previous analyses and result files.